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March 25 2015


March 09 2015

How an Invester had to Swim with Sharks to Secure a High-Profit Marina

In this episode of "How Did They Do That" Dave sits down with Paul Montelongo, an investor from Las Vegas, NV and chats with him on a very unique deal unseen by any previous investor... a marina! Paul talks about why he almost turned down the marina, how he implemented Dave's lessons on multifamily properties into this deal, and key advice on how to keep an ever-expanding list of contacts for private money investors.

February 26 2015

Commercial Training Academy
February 27 – March 1, 2015 – Boston, MA

February 20 2015


David Lindahl's 60 Second Insights - Property Income

In this week's episode of "60 Second Insights", Dave Lindahl receives a viewer's question on how to verify a property's income. The answer is simpler than you think!

For more information, visit www.creativesuccessalliance.com

February 02 2015

FREE Multi-Family Investing Workshop : February 4-6, 2015 – Los Angeles, CA

January 27 2015


December 19 2014

3723 2f47 500
January 23 – 25, 2015 – Orlando, FL

This is a live, 3-day boot camp designed to show you how to conquer your fears of owning multi-family properties; invest safely & profitably; and never deal with tenants except to deposit their checks into your bank account. 

December 02 2014

Happy Thanksgiving from Creative Success Alliance!

Everyone here at Creative Success Alliance just want to wish everyone a happy, fun, and festive Thanksgiving holiday!

November 18 2014


November 05 2014

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David Lindahl's 60 Second Insights - Finding Private Money Lenders


Real estate coaching & education

When you’re part of the coaching community, investing becomes easier. That’s because we’re there, right in front of you, clearing away the obstacles to your success.
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